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The Established Therapist Toolkit

For the Therapist already established in private practice who is looking to market, scale, and diversify their income.


You have your private practice up and running. You have a steady or maybe even full caseload. You might be wondering, well how do I grow from here...?

Your time and energy is valuable! You want to expand your business and your income, but how can you do so without increasing the number of clients you see each week and over-extending yourself? Are you seeing your ideal clients? Are there other ways to grow your business without always trading time for money?

Good news, there is! The Established Therapist Toolkit invites you to explore several different ways that you can hone your niche, brand your business, market yourself in different arenas, expand your reach, and diversify your income.


"Seriously recommend this to any and everyone branching into private practice, looking to reconnect with their why, and seeking to start being seen in a different arenas! You created such a truly beautiful, rich, and compassionate course, Cassidy."

Lisa Olivera
Therapist, Course Creator & Author

Course Topics Include:

Here's what you can expect!

Gain clarity on why you want to expand and diversify, identify your Ideal Client or Customer, and unpack the mental blocks that are preventing you from taking your next steps.

In this module we will explore the landscape of modern marketing. My goal here is to give you creative options that allow you to reach your ideal client and share your voice and work. We will explore topics such as: "branding" as a therapist, building a website, online marketing and SEO, blogging, building an e-mail list, and building community referral networks.

Lastly, we will dive deep into the world of social media. You'll leave with tips and tricks to create content and boost your engagement while exploring important legal/ethical considerations as a licensed professional.

Stepping into a new space as a therapist can create some major imposter syndrome! In these lessons we explore the thieves of joy in private practice -- scarcity mindset, comparison, and burn-out. We also talk about creating healthy boundaries with social media and taking care of YOU as you prepare your business and your finances for retirement and vacations.

Lessons to support you with:

*Opportunities for therapists to diversify their income



*Digital Course Creation

*Hosting Online Workshops

*Starting a Group Practice

*Media Kits for Therapists

This Course is for You If...

>>  You want to expand your reach for your private practice or other offerings.

This course offers several different avenues of modern marketing you can utilize to reach your ideal clients and customers.

>>  You're ready to diversify your income.

The work we do as therapists is incredibly important, but our income is often limited by the number of clients we can see per week. Adding in additional revenue streams that don't require you to constantly trade direct client contact time for money, will allow for more freedom and flexibility within your business and your life.

>>  You enjoy having a creative outlet as a therapist.

If you want to connect with or cultivate space for your inner creative, this course offers you the foundation to help you think outside of the box, take up space, and dream big!

>>  You enjoy collaborating with others.

Connection is a central theme to marketing and that remains true for this course as well. Modern marketing and diversifying your income as a therapist offers you the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other professionals and communities.


Expanding my reach through modern marketing and diversifying my income has been an absolute game-changer for my business, myself and my family! So much so, that over the past year as we've dealt with the challenges of the pandemic, I was able to solely rely on my other streams of income and put my private practice on hold while I wore the many other hats the pandemic required (helping my kids with virtual school, surviving postpartum with little support during the pandemic, etc). Life can be unpredictable, but I've never been more grateful for the extra financial cushions and flexibility that are built into my business.

The Established Therapist Toolkit

$297 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we will cover through this course:

Why do I want to expand my business and diversify my income?

Who is my ideal client and customer?

How do I know if my ideas for my podcast or digital course will resonate with others?

What mental blocks are keeping me from marketing in a new way or creating a new offering?

What values do I have that will help me focus on the things that are really most important to me?

How do I market myself online?

How do I start growing my email-list? 

How do I know if starting a podcast is right for me?

How do I create meaningful partnerships?

How do I create a media kit and why does it matter?

How do I grow my social media presence with intention?

How do I come up with social media content?

How do I utilize all the different tools and features on Instagram?

What options do I have for diversifying my income?

How do I create, offer, and market a digital course?

How do I create, offer, and market an online live workshop?

What should I consider if I choose to start a group practice?

How do I hire on an assistant to support me in my marketing and other offerings?

This course is designed for therapists and mental health professionals who are looking to diversify their business or their income, although any professional (such as coaches, teachers, health providers) who are interested in modern marketing, social media, online courses or podcasts would benefit from the lessons as well!

This course is a combination of videos with slides and tutorials. In addition you will find worksheets, checklists, and a copy of the slides attached to each lesson, to support you in making the course an individual and engaging experience. You can go at your own pace and have lifetime access to the course and all materials.

The Toolkit is simply a condensed version of the Crafted Practice. The Toolkit was created to offer an option for those who did not need the private practice start-up videos, but still wanted access to the other lessons. So, if you're already enrolled in the Crafted Practice, you have access to all the lessons in the Toolkit!


"Getting a private practice up and running felt like a daunting process with no textbook or real resources to turn to for modern therapists. I wondered how even to get started, how do I navigate the social media space, what content should I put out there, how do I market myself? I found Dr. Cassidy on Instagram to learn how she was navigating the social media space and marketing her offerings. Dr. Cassidy's program answered all of my questions and showed me the ins and outs of starting and marketing my business. It was a huge bonus that she was already well established in the social media space, where I wanted to grow. Dr. Cassidy's course is detailed, thorough, and well organized. It is a huge bonus to have access to her private Facebook group to connect with other professionals in the field who are also growing their practice offline and online. Anyone who wants to start, grow, or expand their practice online must purchase this course."

Michelle Tangeman
Therapist in Private Practice + Podcast Host

Meet Dr. Cassidy:

Dr. Cassidy Freitas is a Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of the group practice Freitas Family Therapy Inc, a podcast host, the creator of The Crafted Practice and an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego.

Hosting two podcasts, growing her social media accounts, and creating digital courses has assisted Dr. Cassidy in filling her private practice and given her the opportunity to collaborate and create with other prominent professionals, brands, and creators on products and offerings.

Want a peek at Dr. Cassidy's private practice website? :) click here!


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