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After the long journey of getting licensed, I realized, as many therapists do, that while I felt prepared clinically, I had no idea how to start a business. I had also frequently come into contact with the message that as therapists we should stay private and quiet. Embedded in those messages was the discourse, “stay small.” Over time I worked through this, and I believe that as providers we don’t need to stay small, we can grow successful practices and bring our voice to the larger wellness dialogue, WHILE upholding the integrity of our licenses.

My name is Dr. Cassidy Freitas, My hope is that the next generation of therapists feel equipped to build modern private practices that allow them to grow and share their skills, while also honoring that this work can pull us in many directions. I built a course to support the business side, the creative side, and the self-care side of being a therapist.

Modern Therapist Academy incorporates several modules structured to walk you through important steps in building and growing your practice. You’ll get a chance to explore your business values, hone in on your niche, and identify your ideal client. We will cover everything from finding a space that meets your needs, office design, paperwork, protecting your business, budgeting and setting your fees. Together we will walk through branding and modern marketing as well as some of the challenges and pressures that come with building modern day private practices.

Our work can be isolating. As therapists we aim to hold space for meaningful change. As modern-day therapists we have an opportunity to hold more space for even greater change, but we don’t have to sacrifice our values and wellness in the process. We can choose to define success for ourselves, and we don’t have to do it alone. I'm so glad you found yourself here, and I’m excited to dive deep into this important work with you.



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