Holding Space For Therapists

Holding Space For Therapists

Hosted by: Dr. Cassidy Freitas

This podcast is for all the therapists out there, the healers and holders of space, who are hoping to build or grow a modern private practice. Dr. Cassidy Freitas and her guests hold your hand as you navigate owning a...

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How to Make Private Pay Therapy an Easy Choice (For You and Clients) with Christine Li of Mentaya

In this episode I sit down with Christine Li, founder of Mentaya, an incredible resource for private pay therapists and their clients! We unpack the superbill out-of-network benefits process and discuss the challenges...
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Future Proofing your Private Practice Marketing Plan with Kristie Plantinga

In this episode I sit down with Kristie Plantinga, founder of TherapieSEO and Best Therapists Directory to explore the future of marketing for therapists.  With AI becoming more mainstream, I've had a lot of questions...
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Pursuing a Career in Mental Health with Dr. Ann Garland

Today I am so excited to welcome Ann Garland, Ph.D. on to the podcast to talk about pursuing a career in mental health. Dr. Ann Garland is a professor at both USD and UCSD and has taught across disciplines to support...
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How to Co-Write a Book with Dr. Rebecca Williams

Is there a book brewing in your heart, and yet you find yourself staring at a blank page with that dreaded blinking cursor... Sound familiar? You're not alone! The process of writing a book is overwhelming! Today,...
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SEO for Therapists with Kristie Plantinga

SEO-what?! Let's demystify SEO (search engine optimization) together and find out how you can start utilizing this mysterious (but not so mysterious after this episode) SEO stuff to rank high on your ideal client's...
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Adding Coaching to Your Business with Chasity Holcomb

The doors to my digital courses for therapists are officially open! This includes The Crafted Practice, The Established Therapist Toolkit and Podcasting for Therapists. You can learn more and join here. The doors only...
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Instagram Reels for Therapists with Kelly McKenna

The doors to my digital courses for therapists are officially open! This includes The Crafted Practice, The Established Therapist Toolkit and Podcasting for Therapists. You can learn more and join here. The doors only...
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Embracing Therapreneurship and Diversifying your Income Along the Way with Dr. Christie Kederian

Episode #28

In today's episode we are exploring ways that YOU, as a therapist, can begin to embrace that inner entrepreneur.  I've invited Dr. Christie Kederian onto the podcast to share how you can begin to develop your...
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Podcast Appearances: Your New Marketing Super Power Tool with Dr. Michaela Buccianeri

Episode #27

Have you been wondering how you could become a guest on a podcast as a therapist? Occasionally, someone might come to you directly and ASK, but other times you might need to pitch yourself as a potential guest. If...
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Managing Money in Private Practice with Therapist & Money Coach Linzy Bonham

Episode #26

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by money management as a therapist, today's episode is for you! It's understandable. There's all the nitty gritty logistics of managing money like preparing for taxes, budgeting,...
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Maternity Leave and Private Practice with Mary Bech Somich

Episode #25

In this episode I am joined by fellow private practice owner and new mama, Mary Beth Somich from @yourjourneythrough! Mary Beth just recently had her first baby and today we're talking about her transition into...
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Setting Your Fee with Josie Rosario, LMSW

Episode #24

For many therapists in private practice, we start setting our fee based on outside data...what are other therapists charging in my area?? Or, what are clients going to be willing to pay for my services?? While this...
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