Managing Money in Private Practice with Therapist & Money Coach Linzy Bonham

Episode #26

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by money management as a therapist, today's episode is for you! It's understandable. There's all the nitty gritty logistics of managing money like preparing for taxes, budgeting, opening a business bank account, and tracking your expenses. There's also all the emotions and experiences we have related to money that impact the way that we may run our businesses and manage our money as therapists.

In today's episode I am joined by therapist turned money coach, Linzy Bonham of @moneynutsandbolts. What I really appreciate about this episode is not only how Linzy demystifies and simplifies a lot of the money management logistics for therapists, but also for how validating Linzy is of all the different emotions and experiences therapists often have when it comes to money.

In this episode Linzy drops several tangible tips to help you manage your money as a therapist and we cover the different mindset blocks that therapists often experience when it comes to money. I hope you gain as much from the conversation as I did!

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Because I know some of you are going to ask :) the bookkeeping company I mention that I work with in this episode is Financial Visions!

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