Setting Your Fee with Josie Rosario, LMSW

Episode #24

For many therapists in private practice, we start setting our fee based on outside data...what are other therapists charging in my area?? Or, what are clients going to be willing to pay for my services??

While this information can be helpful, we also have to be able to first and foremost look INWARD when setting our fee. We need to determine our own needs, the needs of our business, and to consider the incredible value that we bring to our client's lives.

I am so excited to share this conversation I had with fellow therapist, Josie Rosario. Josie is a LMSW and business coach and we are exploring some things you want to consider when setting your fee in private practice. We also talk about different business models and how to know whether things like sliding scale or accepting insurance is the right fit for you and your business. We also explore how to remain accessible while also having a healthy and thriving business. 

You can learn more about Josie and access her resources at @thehealingstrategy and @josierosarionyc


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