Perfectionism and Private Practice with Dr. Jen Douglas

Episode #23

...any other recovering perfectionists here? I know I am! Perfectionism has had a way of coming up in many different aspects of my, motherhood, etc. But, I have also found it to be incredibly prevalent when it comes to my work as a therapist and my life as an entrepreneur.


As we know, our work as therapists can be incredibly nuanced, ambiguous at times, and messy. These are all things that our friend Perfectionism is not too fond of. Perfectionism wants to find control. It wants things to feel linear. And, our inner perfectionist wants that gold star at the end of a good session with a client. But unfortunately, that often isn't how it works in our field or in entrepreneurship.


That's why this week I'm having Dr. Jen Douglas come onto the podcast to talk about how we can create a new relationship with perfectionism. In this episode we talk about the impact of perfectionism as therapists and business owners. We talk about the impact of comparison and the curated highlight reel on social media. And, Dr. Jen shares with us ways in which we can better connect with our true values, how we can embrace our imperfection, and how we can use perfectionism to help us identify what is really important to us. 

You can learn more about Dr. Jen and utilize her resources at her Instagram account @drjensf!


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