Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Kelly Vincent

Episode #22

Imposter Syndrome is bound to come up at different stages of our careers as therapists. It definitely has a tendency to come up when we're new therapists and just starting out, but these feelings and fears can show up even further down the road. Maybe you're starting your private practice or maybe you're creating a brand new offering...anytime we're feeling new and inexperienced with something, in comes our friend Imposter Syndrome.

There's no one else I would love to explore this topic with more than Dr. Kelly Vincent. Kelly is a licensed psychologist and the creator on her popular Instagram account, @dr.kellyvincent, where she focuses a lot of her content and psychoeducation on Imposter Syndrome.

In this episode we explore the origins of imposter syndrome and what impact it can have on therapists throughout their careers. In addition, Kelly shares tips and ways in which we can reframe and form a different relationship with imposter syndrome. 

You can learn more about Kelly at her website:


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