Money Mindset Blocks with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, LMSW, Financial Therapist

Episode #21

Do you struggle with your mindset around money as a therapist? Do you find it hard to feel confident in your rates and financial management of your practice? If so, this episode will be for you!

Each of us has a story and a history when it comes to our relationship with money. We see this often with our clients, but we tend to underestimate just how much our own relationship with money can impact our lives as therapists, humans, and business owners.

This week I am excited to welcome Lindsay Bryan-Podvin onto the podcast. Lindsay is an LMSW and Financial Therapist. Together we explore the different myths and messages therapists receive and internalize about money, how we can honor our financial needs as humans and business owners while still remaining accessible, and Lindsay offers tangible tips on how to ensure your finances reflect the type of life you want to have with your private practice.

You can learn more about Lindsay by visiting her Instagram profile @mindmoneybalance with links to her website and podcast!

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