Holding Space For Therapists

Holding Space For Therapists

Hosted by: Dr. Cassidy Freitas

This podcast is for all the therapists out there, the healers and holders of space, who are hoping to build or grow a modern private practice. Dr. Cassidy Freitas and her guests hold your hand as you navigate owning a...

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Private Practice Growth with @mindfulmft Vienna Pharaon, LMFT

Episode #11

In this episode I sit down with Vienna Pharaon, LMFT to discuss growth in private practice and her experience scaling her business. We discuss her private practice journey, the importance of defining growth for...
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Setting Boundaries to Start Your Business with Allison Maglica, LMFT

Episode #10

In this week's BONUS episode, I share a conversation with one of my coaching clients, Allison Maglica. Allison took time off from seeing clients to care for her son, and is in the process of stepping back into the...
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The Magic of Copywriting to Connect with your Ideal Client with Dr. Michaela Bucchianeri

Episode #7

In this episode I share my conversation with the Queen of copywriting for healers and helpers, Dr. Michaela Bucchianeri. This episode is so much more than an episode about copywriting though, we explore the ways you...
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Private Practice and Parenthood with Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

Episode #9

In this episode with Psychologist Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, we explore our experiences as mothers and business owners. We share the struggles, values, and resolutions we've discovered in our journeys into private practice...
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Humans and Healers with Lisa Olivera, LMFT

Episode #8

The doors to Modern Therapist Academy are officially open! This is my comprehensive digital course to support therapists in building or growing profitable, sustainable, and meaningful private practices (all with a...
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Diversifying Your Income with Sahar Martinez, LMFT

Episode #6

In this episode I share my conversation with Sahar Martinez, LMFT. We discuss the different ways in which we, as therapists, can diversify our income. One of the biggest fears I hear from therapists who are thinking...
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Instagram for Therapists with @sitwithwhit Whitney Goodman

Episode #5

In this episode I sit down with Whitney Goodman, LMFT (you may know her as @sitwithwhit on Instagram!) We talk about the ways in which therapists are showing up on social media and the role it has had in scaling her...
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Dr. Jenn Hardy Part 1: Shifting the Insurance Narrative and Setting Up Shop in a Rural Community

Episode #2

In this Part 1 episode with Dr. Jenn Hardy, we talk about her journey to setting up her private practice in a rural community and her decision to take insurance. Want to hear more from Dr. Jenn? Check out part 2 of...
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Dr. Jenn Hardy Part 2: Stepping Into Social Media

Episode #3

In this Part 2 episode with Dr. Jenn Hardy we explore her decision to step into social media as a therapist, we unpack the term "insta-therapy," and discuss boundaries as therapists in the digital space. To continue...
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Introduction to the Podcast!

Episode #1

In this episode you get to know your host Dr. Cassidy. We explore what it means to be a "modern therapist," and she shares what you can expect in future episodes! Let's connect with each other! Be sure to join our...
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