Holding Space For Therapists

Holding Space For Therapists

Hosted by: Dr. Cassidy Freitas

This podcast is for all the therapists out there, the healers and holders of space, who are hoping to build or grow a modern private practice. Dr. Cassidy Freitas and her guests hold your hand as you navigate owning a...

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Perfectionism and Private Practice with Dr. Jen Douglas

Episode #23

...any other recovering perfectionists here? I know I am! Perfectionism has had a way of coming up in many different aspects of my life...education, motherhood, etc. But, I have also found it to be incredibly...
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Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Kelly Vincent

Episode #22

Imposter Syndrome is bound to come up at different stages of our careers as therapists. It definitely has a tendency to come up when we're new therapists and just starting out, but these feelings and fears can show up...
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Money Mindset Blocks with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, LMSW, Financial Therapist

Episode #21

Do you struggle with your mindset around money as a therapist? Do you find it hard to feel confident in your rates and financial management of your practice? If so, this episode will be for you! Each of us has a story...
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Protecting Your Private Practice Business with Attorney Kate Santon

Episode #20

In this episode I am joined by my attorney Kate Santon! In our conversation we talk about the important steps you can take as a business owner to protect your business. This can be scary and overwhelming since many...
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Branding and Website Design for Therapists with Monica Kovach

Episode #19

In this episode I share my conversation with Monica Kovach, former Art Therapist and Counselor turned Web Designer. Monica shares why a website is so important when it comes to marketing, what our websites communicate...
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An Intimate Look at Digital Marketing Through Instagram with Stephanie Essenfeld @therapyuntangled

Episode #18

In this episode I share my conversation with Stephanie of @therapyuntangled. We discuss the steps she took to build meaningful content through digital marketing on instagram that has filled her private practice with...
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Building a Strong Referral Network with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer

Episode #16

In this part 1 of my conversation with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer, we discuss steps therapists can take to build a strong referral network to support your business and to know where to send clients or community members when...
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Beginning to Prepare for Maternity Leave

Episode #17

In this part 2 conversation with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer, we discuss steps she took and that I am currently taking to prepare for maternity leave. You can continue to follow Miriam's work by visiting her website here or...
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Hiring a Virtual Assistant with my VA Taylor Anderson

Episode #15

In this episode I'm sharing the best business decision I made in 2019, hiring a virtual assistant! I sit down with my VA Taylor to discuss her journey into becoming a VA, the roles a VA can take on for a therapist in...
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From Agency to Private Practice with Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT @lizlistens

Episode #14

In this episode I share my conversation with Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT @lizlistens. Liz shares her story of making the transition from agency work to private practice on a low budget! We explore the fears and blocks...
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Time Management with Mary Beth Somich, LPC

Episode #13

In this episode I share my conversation with Modern Therapist Academy student Mary Beth Somich, LPC @yourjourneythrough. where we explore all things time management as a modern therapist! We talk about creating your...
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Cultural Sensitivity and Micro Aggressions in our Field with Narissa Harris, LMFT

Episode #12

In this episode I share my conversation with cultural consultant Narissa Harris, LMFT @bloomintoyourbestself. I first connected with Narissa when she reached out to me on social media. She appreciated my posts and...
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