Holding Space For Therapists

Holding Space For Therapists

Hosted by: Dr. Cassidy Freitas

This podcast is for all the therapists out there, the healers and holders of space, who are hoping to build or grow a modern private practice. Dr. Cassidy Freitas and her guests hold your hand as you navigate owning a...

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Money Mindset Blocks with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, LMSW, Financial Therapist

Episode #21

Do you struggle with your mindset around money as a therapist? Do you find it hard to feel confident in your rates and financial management of your practice? If so, this episode will be for you! Each of us has a story...
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Protecting Your Private Practice Business with Attorney Kate Santon

Episode #20

In this episode I am joined by my attorney Kate Santon! In our conversation we talk about the important steps you can take as a business owner to protect your business. This can be scary and overwhelming since many...
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Branding and Website Design for Therapists with Monica Kovach

Episode #19

In this episode I share my conversation with Monica Kovach, former Art Therapist and Counselor turned Web Designer. Monica shares why a website is so important when it comes to marketing, what our websites communicate...
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An Intimate Look at Digital Marketing Through Instagram with Stephanie Essenfeld @therapyuntangled

Episode #18

In this episode I share my conversation with Stephanie of @therapyuntangled. We discuss the steps she took to build meaningful content through digital marketing on instagram that has filled her private practice with...
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Building a Strong Referral Network with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer

Episode #16

In this part 1 of my conversation with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer, we discuss steps therapists can take to build a strong referral network to support your business and to know where to send clients or community members when...
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Beginning to Prepare for Maternity Leave

Episode #17

In this part 2 conversation with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer, we discuss steps she took and that I am currently taking to prepare for maternity leave. You can continue to follow Miriam's work by visiting her website here or...
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Hiring a Virtual Assistant with my VA Taylor Anderson

Episode #15

In this episode I'm sharing the best business decision I made in 2019, hiring a virtual assistant! I sit down with my VA Taylor to discuss her journey into becoming a VA, the roles a VA can take on for a therapist in...
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From Agency to Private Practice with Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT @lizlistens

Episode #14

In this episode I share my conversation with Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT @lizlistens. Liz shares her story of making the transition from agency work to private practice on a low budget! We explore the fears and blocks...
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Time Management with Mary Beth Somich, LPC

Episode #13

In this episode I share my conversation with Modern Therapist Academy student Mary Beth Somich, LPC @yourjourneythrough. where we explore all things time management as a modern therapist! We talk about creating your...
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Cultural Sensitivity and Micro Aggressions in our Field with Narissa Harris, LMFT

Episode #12

In this episode I share my conversation with cultural consultant Narissa Harris, LMFT @bloomintoyourbestself. I first connected with Narissa when she reached out to me on social media. She appreciated my posts and...
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Private Practice Growth with @mindfulmft Vienna Pharaon, LMFT

Episode #11

In this episode I sit down with Vienna Pharaon, LMFT to discuss growth in private practice and her experience scaling her business. We discuss her private practice journey, the importance of defining growth for...
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Setting Boundaries to Start Your Business with Allison Maglica, LMFT

Episode #10

In this week's BONUS episode, I share a conversation with one of my coaching clients, Allison Maglica. Allison took time off from seeing clients to care for her son, and is in the process of stepping back into the...
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