78: Scary Thoughts in Postpartum with Dr. Alice Pickering

Episode #80

Have you ever had a thought in postpartum that felt disturbing or distressing to you? It pops up randomly, and you're kind of like, WOAH, where did that come from? What is wrong with me??

Maybe it was something like dropping your baby, getting into a car accident, an unwanted thought about your baby while changing their diaper, or something else of that nature...bottom line, it's intrusive and distressing. 

If you can resonate with this experience, chances are you may have never even mentioned them to anyone. You might feel ashamed and lonely in these thoughts. While these thoughts can be incredibly distressing, you're not alone.

Dr. Alice Pickering is joining me to talk about scary and intrusive thoughts. Dr. Alice dives deep into the corners of our mind, offers some examples that might resonate with you, describes why these thoughts occur, and goes into what we can do to help lessen the impact they have on us as new parents.

You can learn more from Dr. Alice at her Instagram: @dralicepsyd

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