77: Raising a Sensory Sensitive Child with Pediatric OT Laura Petix

Episode #79

This episode has a really special place in my heart on a personal level. Over the last two years we’ve worked with Occupational Therapists to support the sensory processing challenges my own kids experience.

Maybe you're in the same boat and your child is experiencing something similar or maybe, you're wondering what sensory processing disorder even is and if your child might be having a sensitivity to sensory processing...

Whichever the case, you're in the right place. I have invited Laura Petix of @theotbutterfly onto the podcast to demystify Occupational Therapy, to talk about the experiences associated with sensory processing disorder, and to share how we can best support our kids and ourselves in these situations.

I share a lot about my own family's experience with sensory processing challenges and Laura offers some tangible tips for how you can get support for your child if you feel this is something they might be struggling with.

You can find Laura hanging out daily on instagram @TheOTButterfly   

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